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Jan. 25: Take Action to Protest FBI and Grand Jury Repression!

From the Committee to Stop FBI Repression:

Join the National Day of Action on Tuesday January 25, 2011

In December 2010, under the direction of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the FBI delivered nine new subpoenas in Chicago to anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists. Patrick Fitzgerald’s office is ordering the nine to appear at a Grand Jury in Chicago on January 25.

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Tracy Molm describes FBI raid, Grand Jury repression

From StopFBI.net

Tracy Molm, a Minneapolis-based Palestine solidarity activist, describes what happened during the recent FBI raid on her apartment in September, its aftermath, and her solidarity work for Palestinians. Her subpoena has now been reactivated by the grand jury in this assault on First Amendment rights of peace activists. Her presentation was made at the Dec. 4, 2010 People’s Thanksgiving Dinner in Chicago. For more information on the solidarity campaign: http://www.stopfbi.net.

New York meeting builds movement against Grand Jury, FBI repression of anti-war activists

The following article by Maureen Murphy is from Fight Back! News:

Tom Burke speaking at Committee to Stop FBI Repression New York City meeting (Fight Back! News/Staff)

New York, NY – More than 150 movement leaders and concerned individuals packed a standing room-only hall at Saint Mark’s Church in the Bowery on Nov. 6 for the first national meeting of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

The national committee was formed after 14 anti-war, international solidarity and labor activists were served subpoenas in late September to appear before a federal grand jury. Many of the activists’ homes were raided, as were the offices of the Anti-War Committee in the Twin Cities. According to a statement made by the targeted activists, “The subpoenas claim that the grand jury is investigating violations of the 1996 law on the issue of ‘material support’ of ‘designated foreign terrorist organizations.'” (http://www.stopfbi.net/about/statement-on-the-grand-juries)

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Kosta Harlan of Freedom Road on building movement against FBI and Grand Jury repression

The following talk by Kosta Harlan of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization is from the regional conference of Workers World Party that took place recently in Durham, North Carolina:

For more info see StopFBI.net

The Curious, Mysterious, Obsolete and Dangerous Federal Grand Jury

The following commentary by Bernardine Dohrn is from Fight Back! News:

I was subpoenaed to a federal grand jury in May of 1982 in New York City. It has left me as something of a specialist in an arcane, secretive and obsolete area of the law – one that has just reappeared with FBI raids, seizures of private papers, computers and subpoenas to compel testimony in Chicago, Minneapolis and other cities across the country.

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Statement on Grand Juries from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression

The following statement is from StopFBI.net:

On September 24, the FBI raided the homes of anti-war and international solidarity activists and delivered grand jury subpoenas to activists across the country. The subpoenas claim that the grand jury is investigating violations of the 1996 law on the issue of “material support” of “designated foreign terrorist organizations.”

The activists targeted in the raids are people who have been very involved in the anti-war and international solidarity movements for many years. They all worked together to organize an anti-war protest attended by tens of thousands at the Republican National Convention in 2008. Some of those targeted have traveled to other countries to understand our government’s role in places like Palestine and Colombia. While there, they met with people to learn about their experience facing brutal repression from U.S. sponsored regimes, and brought their stories back to people in the U.S. Hearing about the reality of U.S. military aid is not a crime, and yet this appears to be the target of this investigation.

The grand jury subpoenas are part of the fishing expedition targeting these committed activists and organizers. The use of grand juries to conduct sweeping investigations dates back to the Nixon administration’s attack on the social movements in the 1970s. The grand jury is neither fair nor even handed, no matter who is in charge.

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