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Petition campaign underway to demand freedom for Ricardo Palmera

The following is from Fight Back! News:

The National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera is launching a petition campaign targeting U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. The National Committee is demanding the U.S. government immediately release the Colombian revolutionary and stop violating Palmera’s human rights. Angela Denio said, “The U.S. government is acting like a tyrant in Colombia and abusing Ricardo Palmera in a Colorado prison by chaining him from head to toe with the constant threat of electric shock. It is outrageous. Where is Obama on all of this? He promised to stop torture.”

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Colombia: Eyewitness report from solidarity delegation

Angela Denio in the Colombian countryside

Angela Denio in the Colombian countryside

The following article is from Fight Back! News:

Colombia: Eyewitness report from solidarity delegation
By Angela Denio

In August, a delegation of U.S. students, trade unionists and anti-war activists traveled to Colombia to meet with leaders in the struggle there. The Colombian Action Network and the Campaign for Labor Rights, two grassroots organizations here in the United States fighting against U.S. intervention in Colombia, hosted the trip.

“I knew what I heard in the U.S. media about the benefits of U.S. tax money and aid to Colombia was true only for the rich. I wanted to see for myself what the reality is for Colombians,” said Jeremy Miller, a member of the Colombian Action Network when explaining his decision to go on the delegation. Members of the Colombian Action Network and the Campaign for Labor Rights arranged meetings with peasant, indigenous and student groups, as well as with political leaders, unions, political prisoners and families of Colombians killed or imprisoned by the government.

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Anti-war protesters descend on RNC

The following article is from Indy Week. Also check out the television news spot from WLOS.

Anti-war protesters descend on RNC

by Barry Yeoman

Jeremy Miller, SDS regional coordinator at UNC-Asheville, leads a chant during an anti-war protest at the RNC.

Jeremy Miller, SDS regional coordinator at UNC-Asheville, leads a chant during an anti-war protest at the RNC. (Photo: Barry Yeoman)

Growing up in Mount Airy, N.C., 26-year-old Jeremy Miller was a preacher’s son for whom “standing up for what is right” meant voting for Republican candidates. He supported President Bush and shared his parents’ belief, he says, that “America is based on Christianity and the war is just.”

At 22, Miller started working at a Greensboro factory, loading boxes onto trucks. When he moved into a supervisory position, he says, he heard other managers discuss speeding up the line, or penalizing employees for not making production quotas. “They were talking about how we could squeeze every little bit out of the workers,” he says. “Like they were animals.” Continue reading

Immigration Raids North Carolina Factory – Asheville Fights Back

The following is an article from Fight Back!

Immigration Raids North Carolina Factory – Asheville Fights Back

By Jeremy Miller

“If you want peace, raise up your fist! If you want justice, you must resist!”

Asheville NC – August 16, 2008, 200 protesters gathered in Pack Square, downtown Asheville NC, to march and rally against the raiding tactics of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This came in response to a raid just two days earlier, on August 13th, at Mills Manufacturing – a parachute manufacturer. The majority of arrested workers are from Mexico, but also Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Ecuador. This was the largest raid ever in the western part of North Carolina. Community members immediately rushed to the factory, but were unable to stop the raid.

80 community members met the night of the raid at a local church. Marta told the story, “The workers were told there was a mandatory meeting in a storage room. After management herded them all into one place, they left the room and ICE agents entered and arrested 59 employees. These people committed no crime to be arrested and deported. They work and pay taxes like everybody else.” Some local groups saw to the immediate needs of the families, whose only breadwinners are now detained. Others decided to do something, to let ICE know it is not welcome in the community. Continue reading

Victory for SDS and IVAW in Alabama

Alabama: SDS-Tuscaloosa Wins, Anti-war Protesters Acquitted
By Chapin Gray

Tuscaloosa, AL – Applause and cheers erupted in the courtroom at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse, May 2, when the judge threw out the charges against four anti-war protesters. “As I was waiting outside to give my testimony, I heard the roar of clapping from behind the door,” remembers Tom Keenan, a member of the Tuscaloosa chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). “A mass of people flooded out of the court room, saying ‘We won!’”

The protesters – Jason Hurd, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and SDS members Alyse Deller, Christine Jackson and Jeremy Miller – were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a mock raid in which protestors reenacted a typical U.S. military raid on Iraqi civilians common in Iraq under the U.S. occupation.

The Tuscaloosa County District Court judge threw out the case after hearing what he called “vague and unclear” testimony from the prosecution’s witnesses. The prosecution attempted to prove that the anti-war demonstration was ‘disruptive’ and constituted disorderly conduct. Continue reading