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Communist Party of Vietnam: Advancing on the Path of the October Revolution

133_femmeFrom Nhân Dân, the official newspaper of the CPV.

The 1917 October Revolution led by the Russian working class and its Communist Party smashed the rule of Tsarist regime, seizing power for the working class, taking Russia from the less developed capitalist country to become the first socialist country in the world and at the same time ushering in a new epoch, the transitional epoch from capitalism to advance to socialism.

Following the Russian October Revolution, the socialist revolutionary movement and the national liberation movement broke out successfully in many countries and many regions in the world. From 1917 to 1945, the breakthrough period of the proletarian revolution led by the Party of the working class of a less developed capitalist country, Russia, which gave birth to a new system, the system where the workers and the working class had become the class coming into power, where the exploitation of man by man had been wiped out and socialism had been built in a vast country, defeating the besieging and intervention of imperialism, opening up the path to the vigorous development of the national liberation movement in many countries and saving human kind from the holocaust of fascism. From late 1945 to early 1970s of the last century, the working class in many countries under the leadership of their own political parties continued to push ahead the revolutionary movement, expanding and developing socialism in many countries, becoming the socialist system.

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