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Georgia: Huge protest against ‘School of Assassins’

The following article is from the Fight Back! News Service:

Podcasts from the SOA protest

Charla Schlueter
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at University of North Carolina at Asheville
Speaking at Nov. 22 SOA rally

Kosta Harlan
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Speaking at Fight Back! program on Colombia, Nov. 23

Meredith Aby
Colombia Action Network
Speaking at Fight Back! program on Colombia, Nov. 23

Angela Denio
National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera
Speaking at Fight Back! program on Colombia, Nov. 23

Doug Michel
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at University of North Carolina at Asheville
Speaking at Fight Back! program on Colombia, Nov. 23

Columbus, GA – Over 20,000 people from across the country flooded Fort Benning on the Nov. 22-23 weekend, calling for the School of the Americas (SOA), a U.S. military training institute that trains Latin American soldiers in ‘counter-insurgency’ techniques, to be shut down. During the vigil to honor the memory of the thousands of men, women and children that have been tortured, kidnapped and murdered by SOA graduates, six people, in an act of civil disobedience, crossed onto the military base and were arrested. They face up to six months in federal prison for taking action to close down the SOA – the ‘School of Assassins.’

Throughout the weekend, groups that organize in solidarity with Colombia emphasized the need for people in the U.S. to take action to stop the U.S. government’s support for war and repression in Colombia.

Colombia is particularly affected by both the SOA and U.S. foreign policy. Colombia sends more soldiers to the SOA than any other country. Under aid packages such as Plan Colombia, Colombia receives billions of dollars from the United States. It is no coincidence that Colombia has one of the worst human rights records in the hemisphere, with over 40 Colombian trade unionists killed this year alone. Continue reading

Lessons from the RNC Protests

The following is a summation of the RNC protest from Fight Back! News Service. I have posted a lot of other material on the RNC protests and my readers should check that out as well. 

Jess Sundin marching on day 4 of the RNC

Jess Sundin marching on day 4 of the RNC

Fight Back News Service has posted a podcast of Jess Sundin, a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization and one of the leading organizers of the Sept. 1 and Sept. 4 anti-war demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. Sundin speaks on the lessons that can be learned from the protests at the RNC.

Sundin, along with other RNC protest organizers spoke at a Sept. 20 community discussion in Minneapolis, Minnesota hosted by Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Click here to hear the podcast:
Lessons from the RNC protests
Jess Sundin, September 20, 2008

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Prachanda speaks in NYC: Audio of “A Maoist Vision for a New Nepal”

This is from the Hegemonik blog:

“A Maoist Vision for a New Nepal” – an MP3 recording of a talk by Nepalese Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, aka Prachanda, presented by the India China Institute of New School University.

These MP3 recordings include remarks by Professor Andrew Arato, the Dorothy Hart Hirshon Professor of Political and Social Theory at New School University; remarks by Kul Chandra Gautam, advisor to the Nepal Democracy and Development Initiative at the India China Institute; as well as a Q&A between PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal and the audience.

These MP3 audio clips are presented by Hegemonik. They have been edited for length. As the program was both in English and Nepali (without translation equipment), clips have had Nepali language conversation excised. An unedited version is available upon request to the author.

30,000 march against war at the RNC

This article is from Fight Back! News:

Freedom Road banner at the RNC protest.

Freedom Road banner at the RNC protest.

30,000 march against war at the RNC

Podcast Interviews

The following are interviews with some people who helped organize for the march and lead some of the contingents.

Carlos Montes
Latinos Against War, Los Angeles

Hatem Abudayyeh
Palestinian community, Chicago

Cherrene Horazuk
AFSCME Local 3800, Minneapolis

Kati Ketz
Students for a Democratic Society

St. Paul, MN – On September 1, the opening day of the Republican National Convention, 30,000 people rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol and marched against the war. It was the largest anti-war march in the U.S. this year.

The four main themes of the march were U.S. out of Iraq now; money for human needs, not for war; say no to the Republican agenda; and demand peace, justice and equality.

The march was led off by large contingents of veterans, immigrants, labor, poor people, Somalis, Palestinians, and students.

Check out the article at Fight Back! News for more photos.

Anti-War Unity Advances at Protest RNC Organizers Conference

Workers, oppressed nationalities, and other progressives in the U.S. and around the world are looking forward to huge antiwar protests at the Republican National Convention, and for organizers this provides a rallying point, in my opinion, for a great leap forward in the growing unity of the U.S. antiwar movement. The organizing conference that took place in Minneapolis, which brought together all of the major antiwar coalitions under one banner, was held only just days after the local coalition won an important part of the battle for permits.

I’m reposting the following article which includes some excellent podcasts from the RNC protest organizing conference that took place recently. And FYI, you can see some video coverage of the conference here.

Voices from the RNC protest organizing conference
Listen to some of the key speeches

Minneapolis, MN – Activists from around the country gathered here Feb. 9-10 for an organizing conference to plan the anti-war protests at the Republican National Convention.

The conference brought together more than 60 organizations and included the major centers of the anti-war movement, including United for Peace and Justice, International ANSWER and the Troops Out Now Coalition. Also present was Carlos Montes of Latinos Against the War.

The event was organized by the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War.

Podcasts available Continue reading