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El Salvador: Anti-Mining Activists Assassinated

The following press release and articles are from the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES):

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 28, 2009

Contact: Alexis Stoumbelis, CISPES – (978) 394-0425

Another Protester of Pacific Rim Mining Corporation’s El Dorado Site Assassinated in El Salvador

Second community activist killed in less than a week

On December 26, Dora “Alicia” Recinos Sorto, age 32, was assassinated, the second anti-mining activist killed this week in the small community of Nueva Trinidad in the department of Cabañas. Recinos Sorto was eight months pregnant and carrying her two-year old child when she was shot on her way back from doing laundry at a nearby river. She and her husband, José Santos Rodriguez, were outspoken opponents of the non-operational El Dorado mine which Pacific Rim, a Vancouver-based mining company is desperate to reopen despite widespread community opposition.

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