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NDFP: No justice is served in Arroyo’s dismantling of private armies

The following is from the website Philippine Revolution Web Central:

Rubi Del Mundo
National Democratic Front-Southern Mindanao
January 23, 2010

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Southern Mindanao hits the Arroyo regime’s much-hyped dismantling of private armies calling this merely a grandstanding yet empty move by Ms. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her minions to stem the tide of the people’s wrath against perpetrators of the gruesome November 23 Ampatuan massacre.

With the people’s seething rage and persistent calls for justice, leaving this case unsolved poses a threat that could lead to Arroyo’s ouster. As the Ampatuan’s Andal Jr. and other members responsible to the massacre remain unprosecuted, Mrs. Arroyo’s plan to perpetuate in power through a daring bid in the reactionary GRP congress is in terrible danger.

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