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Excitement Builds for SDS National Convention and Education Rights

The following article by Kas Schwerdtfeger is from Fight Back! News:

Milwaukee, WI — The new school year has started at many campuses and members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) are preparing for this year’s important SDS National Convention. Set for Oct. 22-24 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the convention will be the first since the historic March 4 Protests for Education Rights that took place in 36 states around the country. Because of the greatest economic crisis since the 1930’s Great Depression, most state governments are now in budget crisis, with politicians trying to shift the burden onto working people and making cuts to public education. SDS is building the movement opposing cuts to public education and hopes their fall convention draws more new students to attend and coordinate plans for the school year.

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SDS convention in solidarity with Quad City Die Casting workers

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following resolution supporting the Quad City Die Casting workers. The resolution was passed by the July 11-12 National Convention of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). 


The 2009 SDS National Convention Stands in Solidarity with Quad City Die Casting Workers

The students and youth of SDS stand in solidarity with the union workers of UE Local 1174 in their fight to keep Quad City Die Casting open. We condemn the Wells Fargo bank for refusing to finance the factory in Moline, Illinois. This outrage comes after Wells Fargo received $25 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money in a bailout earlier this year. Wells Fargo is sitting on the money. So now a locally owned factory employing over a hundred workers is being forced to shut their doors. However, the union workers are fighting to save their jobs!  

SDS is joining with the demand of the UE workers that Wells Fargo finance the company so they keep their jobs. Like the Republic Window and Door workers in Chicago this past December, it is unacceptable that a huge bank receives billions in bailout funds yet hangs the workers out to dry. Wells Fargo received $25 billion dollars from the recent bailout. 

We are calling on all students and youth to hold protests at their local Wells Fargo banks and to express solidarity with the workers in Moline. Support the Quad City workers and their jobs! Pressure Wells Fargo to extend a line of credit to the Quad City Die Casting factory.  

Further, we are asking students to go to the factory in Moline, Illinois and stand with the workers while they are fighting for their jobs.  

Make the rich pay! Keep Quad City Die Casting open!

SDS Holds 4th National Convention

The following is from Fight Back! News:


by Chapin Gray

Murfreesboro, TN – Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held its fourth annual national convention here, July 11 -12, bringing together around 100 students and youth activists from across the country.

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Summing up the 2008 SDS National Convention

Students for a Democratic Society is a radical student organization here in the U.S. Here is a very interesting summation of the 2008 SDS National Convention that took place recently in College Park, Maryland. This was SDS’s third national convention. The other two were in Chicago (2006) and Detroit (2007). Here is a very interesting summation of the 2008 SDS National Convention that took place recently in College Park, Maryland. This summation was sent to me by Doug Michel, a member of SDS at UNC-Asheville and a member of SDS’s interim National Working Committee. I attended all three conventions, and I would like to unite with what Doug is putting foward here. There are some interesting summations by Freddy and Daniel as well, which I would suggest my readers check out. See also this post highlighting some of SDS’s work between the 2007 and 2008 national conventions.

SDS Convention 2008: A Big Step Forward for the Student Movement and the U.S. Left

By Doug Michel

There is a tangible excitement in the air.  Students for a Democratic Society has pulled off a successful national convention in College Park, Maryland, and established a functioning national structure, a national campaign, and a deepened understanding of what it means to be an anti-oppression organization.  It’s been a few weeks since the 2008 SDS convention, and I have been thinking and discussing with others what this means for the U.S. Left.

Coming from the 2007 convention in Detroit, there was a noticeable difference in the amount of political maturity our movement has gained.  Learning from our experiences, reassessing how they have or have not worked, and coming up with a new ideas based on experience is paramount for building a movement that will grow and thrive.  The 2008 convention was about struggling together and connecting with folks to build a foundation for a national movement.  This has deepened our commitment to a united movement against U.S. imperialism. Continue reading

Awesome SDS Slideshow!

This video/slideshow has been created for the upcoming Third Students for a Democratic Society National Convention coming up in College Park, Maryland, July 24-27. The slideshow reviews the past year of organizing and activism from the biggest and most dynamic national student organization in the U.S. since the original SDS of the 1960s. Now SDS is a major force, a multi-issue network composed of every Left ideological shade, from communists to anarchists to social-democrats and left-liberals, united under a banner of anti-imperialist activism and participatory democracy. SDS has led local militant actions and huge nationally coordinated actions. It is hard to believe that SDS has come so far and grown so much since the first National Convention in Chicago back in 2006. I’ve been to the 2006 (Chicago) and 2007 (Detroit) national conventions and I’m looking forward to going to this one as well!