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Happy Birthday, Fidel Castro!

¡Feliz cumpleaños! August 13th marks Fidel Casto’s 82nd birthday. To honor this great revolutionary, I would like to post this statement from Freedom Road back in March 2008. I would also highly encourage my readers to check out Fidel’s “Reflection” that appeared in Granma International on August 12th concerning South Ossetia, “Cannon Fodder for the Market“, along with the August 10th Statement of the Cuban Government.

A Tribute to a Revolutionary Leader: Fidel Castro

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

On July 26, 1953, Fidel Castro stepped onto the stage of history, as he and other revolutionaries launched an attack on the Moncada Barracks of Cuban dictator Batista. After being captured, Castro made an eloquent defense of his action, saying, “history will absolve me.” Less than six years later, Castro led the Cuban revolution to victory by overthrowing the corrupt and cruel U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship. This act alone – leading a revolutionary movement to victory on a small island just 90 miles off the coast of the U.S. – would be enough to make Fidel Castro an unforgettable hero in the struggle of oppressed people for liberation. But this was just the beginning of Fidel Castro’s 49 years of contributions to the Cuban people’s liberation and to oppressed people the world over. Continue reading

Cuban Statement on South Ossetia

It can be difficult to get a clear perspective on what is happening in different parts of the world as events rapidly arise and escalate. This is especially true due to the distortions of the mainstream media, which without exception projects the propaganda of the ruling class. The controversy over the armed conflict involving South Ossetia is no different, as the U.S. backs its NATO puppet, Georgia, and Russia intervenes on behalf of South Ossetia. For Marxist-Leninists, there is much to take into account here, from the principle of self-determination, the question of the class interest of the different forces, and the role of imperialism and expansionism. This statement from Socialist Cuba gets right to the heart of this in expressing solidarity with South Ossetia and condemning the role of U.S. imperialism/NATO.
People hold posters reading "Peace for South Ossetian children!", "Hands off South Ossetia!" as they attend a rally in central Vladikavkaz, 30 June 2007.

People hold posters reading "Peace for South Ossetian children!", "Hands off South Ossetia!" as they attend a rally in central Vladikavkaz, 30 June 2007.

Official statement from the government of Cuba

CUBA defends peace as an indispensable prerequisite for the development of all the peoples of the world.

For more than 50 years, our people have been the victim of aggression on the part of U.S. governments, obliging them to invest countless resources and energy. They have been firm and tenacious in the defense of the country’s sovereignty and support the efforts of the UN and its struggle for peace.

One part of our territory has been occupied by force for more than 100 years and Cuba has never attempted or will attempt to use violence in order to recover it. Cuba’s foreign policy is known and acknowledged by the international community.

At this moment, a crisis is arising that is worrying the peoples, stemming from news of the fighting that has broken out in the Caucasus, on the border with southern Russia. Continue reading