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SDS Holds 5th National Convention, Lays Plans to Build Student Movement

The following article by Mike Gold is from Fight Back! News:

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) 5th National Convention, October 2010, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Milwaukee, WI – On Oct. 23-24, around 100 student activists from across the country converged here for the fifth Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) National Convention.

From Diablo Valley and Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, Gainesville, Florida and College Park, Maryland, SDS chapters came together to share their experiences organizing locally and to discuss the two major campaigns – education rights and anti-war – that SDS has been leading nationally and to talk about the next steps for the student movement in the U.S.

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Activists Denounce FBI Raids on Anti-war and Solidarity Activists Homes

The following is from Fight Back! News:

We denounce the Federal Bureau of Investigation harassment of anti-war and solidarity activists in several states across the country. The FBI began turning over six houses in Chicago and Minneapolis this morning, Friday, September 24, 2010, at 8:00 am central time. The FBI handed subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury to about a dozen activists in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. They also attempted to intimidate activists in California and North Carolina.

“The government hopes to use a grand jury to frame up activists. The goal of these raids is to harass and try to intimidate the movement against U.S. wars and occupations, and those who oppose U.S. support for repressive regimes,” said Colombia solidarity activist Tom Burke, one of those handed a subpoena by the FBI. “They are designed to suppress dissent and free speech, to divide the peace movement, and to pave the way for more U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and Latin America.” 

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6th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization

The following statement is from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization:

6th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization
“We are advancing in the struggle, and building the people’s fight backs. This is a congress of victory.”

The 6th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) was a great step forward for our organization. Since our last Congress in 2007, we have undergone a period of dramatic growth, in the course of building some important struggles. We are now in the process of consolidating those gains, and are well positioned to expand further in the years to come. Delegates to the 6th Congress hailed from Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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People’s occupation to resist the eviction of Rosemary Williams

The following breaking story is from Fight Back! News:

Rosemary Williams Evicted from her home
Peoples’ occupation to resist the eviction taking place

By Steff Yorek

Rosemary Williams and Steff Yorek

Rosemary Williams and Steff Yorek

Minneapolis, MNFight Back! News is reporting from the home of Rosemary Williams on the 3100 block of Clinton Ave S. in Minneapolis, MN.  Early this afternoon, Hennepin County Sheriff Deputies came to Rosemary’s home and evicted Rosemary, her daughter in law and two of her grandchildren.  The deputies carried out the wishes of GMAC mortgage with calculated precision.  They allowed the Williams family to collect a few personal items, then changed the locks on the home and padlocked the garage.  A family locked away from their life so the GMAC can be the proud owners of another vacant home on a block with 7 other vacant homes. 

This eviction is not like the others though.  Rosemary Williams has been fighting this eviction from the very beginning and that struggle is continuing.  Within one hour of the eviction supporters from the Minnesota Campaign for a People’s Bailout, Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, neighbors and many others from the South Minneapolis Community gathered at Rosemary’s home.  The house was reopened in the name of the Williams family.  It is currently being occupied by more than 50 people.  Many have vowed to remain in the home for as long as it takes for Rosemary to get her home back from the bank.

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October 18: National Conference on War, Socialism and the People’s Struggle

The following is from Fight Back! News:

A conference on imperialism and how to end it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008
9 am – 5 pm
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Over the last six years there has been an upsurge in the people’s struggle in the United States: The growth of a mass anti-war movement not seen since the fight against the war in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s; the emergence of an immigrant rights movement and the largest struggle for equality since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s; and a growing fight back against foreclosures, job cuts and cuts in health care, education, welfare and a growing economic crisis.

Fight Back! has covered these struggles and sees the growth of the people’s struggle calling for a higher level of understanding of our common struggle against imperialism – a system based on giant corporations that cross the globe in search for ever-greater profits, and these corporations’ control of our government and use of military force to achieve their goals. Fight Back! is sponsoring this conference so that activists can share their experiences and learn more about imperialism and how we can fight to end it and replace it with a system of socialism, where people’s needs, not corporate profits, are the basis of society.

Join us on Saturday, Oct. 18 in Minneapolis, Minnesota for this important conference on imperialism and how to end it. At the conference there will be workshops and discussion that brings together activists from the anti-war, immigrant rights, the labor, oppressed nationality, student and lowincome movements. There will be presentations from some of the leaders of these movements and from Freedom Road Socialist Organization. We will also be talking about how to build a revolutionary media that an serves the people, grassroots organizing, bringing together a broad united front of different forces, building a revolutionary organization and the direction for the people’s struggle in 2009. Continue reading

Why are you protesting the RNC?

This article is from Fight Back! News

Standing up at the RNC
Voices from the protest

These are statements from some of the many people who will protest against the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN on September 1-4, 2008.

Carlos Montes, Latinos Against War

I am marching on the RNC to unite with thousands of people who will be there to expose the Bush-McCain politics of war, racism and anti-immigrant attacks. I am marching to represent the Chicano-Mexicano people’s struggle for self-determination and equality. Our struggle has a long history of resistance to U.S. oppression of our land, culture and economic and political power. We as Chicanos stand in solidarity with the people of Iraq in their fight against U.S. occupation. The RNC agenda represents a pro-corporate anti-people politic. It is also an agenda that promotes the increased attacks and oppression against Chicanos and Mexicanos in our own homeland in the Southwest U.S. and other major cities.

Anh Pham, Anti War Committee, MN

When I first started protesting, it was amazing to me how much it mattered to other anti-war protesters; especially those who protested the U.S. war in Viet Nam War, to have me – a Vietnamese American woman join them. When I had the chance to go to Palestine after the start of the second intifada, I was deeply moved and inspired by the Palestinian people’s struggle for the right of return and an end to the occupation. They saw their struggle as part of a whole movement against injustice worldwide. Drawing inspiration from them and others that I know are in the struggle with me, I march on the RNC to say no to the Republican agenda, no to racism and to any agenda that seeks to oppress the many to serve the needs of the few.

Steff Yorek, Freedom Road Socialist Organization

I am marching on the RNC to stop the war in Iraq and to defeat the Republican agenda. U.S imperialism is devastating the Iraqi people. John McCain is an advocate of war and occupation. A movement in this country to oppose the war and defeat McCain will help the Iraqi people free themselves. I am also marching to stop the devastation that capitalism is causing here at home. Homelessness and hunger are rising and New Orleans is still a disaster three years later. The rich care nothing about the people of this country and the Republicans are a big
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