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Labor Beat: Raid on a Nation

The following is from the newly formed Committee to Stop FBI Repression:

FRSO Freedom School a success

The following article by Daniel Ginsberg-Jaeckle is from Fight Back! News:

Milwaukee, WI – 25 student and anti-war activists from Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and Minneapolis attended the Freedom School, a one-day study hosted by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO).

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Chicago: Protest condemns Israeli massacres in Gaza

The following article is from Fight Back! News:

chicago-palestine-1Chicago: Protest condemns Israeli massacres in Gaza
By Stephanie Weiner

Chicago, IL – 500 people gathered here Dec. 28 for an emergency rally and press conference to condemn the Israeli attacks in the Gaza. The crowd formed a circle around the speakers in front of the Water Tower at noon. The real anger was felt when most of the group moved to the corner to chant at the lone Zionist with an Israeli flag across the street. The militant chanting ranged from, “Free, free Palestine!” to “ End the occupation now!”

The young crowd, almost all wearing Palestinian scarves or carrying flags, called for an end to U.S. money to Israel. They said it most simply in their chant, “Down, down with Israel.” The protesters left with plans to pass on the word about an even larger rally called for this coming Friday afternoon, Jan. 2, at the Tribune Plaza, which is one block from the Israeli Consulate.

Victory for Republic Windows Workers and the U.S. Working Class

chicago-workers-victoryThe following is from Fight Back! News:

Victory for Republic Windows Workers and the U.S. Working Class
By Cynthia Martinez and Stephanie Weiner

Chicago, IL – After a six-day occupation of the plant which brought them nationwide attention, the Republic Windows and Doors workers met inside their factory tonight, Dec. 10, to vote on the settlement offer from their employer. A roomful of politicians watched and a knot of supporters waited for the results with great anticipation.

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Support Grows for Republic Windows Factory Occupation

UE Local 1110 President Armando Robles speaks at Fight Back! event, funds collected to support struggle

UE Local 1110 President Armando Robles speaks at Fight Back! event, funds collected to support struggle

The following article is from Fight Back! News:

Support Grows for Republic Windows Occupation

By Stephanie Weiner

Chicago, IL – Saturday, Dec. 6 brought more inspiration from workers at Republic Windows and Doors who are occupying their plant in Chicago. The workers’ union, Local 1110 of the United Electrical workers (UE), held a rally at noon outside the plant doors. By then, the workers’ militant action had already become international news.

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Factory Occupation in Chicago

The following videos and article are from Fight Back! News:

Chicago: Workers occupy plant

By Stephanie Weiner

Chicago, IL – The cafeteria at Republic Windows Factory on the North West side of Chicago was filled with workers tonight, Dec. 5. In a militant action, they have taken over and occupied the block-long building still filled with expensive merchandise and equipment. Continue reading

October 18: National Conference on War, Socialism and the People’s Struggle

The following is from Fight Back! News:

A conference on imperialism and how to end it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008
9 am – 5 pm
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Over the last six years there has been an upsurge in the people’s struggle in the United States: The growth of a mass anti-war movement not seen since the fight against the war in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s; the emergence of an immigrant rights movement and the largest struggle for equality since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s; and a growing fight back against foreclosures, job cuts and cuts in health care, education, welfare and a growing economic crisis.

Fight Back! has covered these struggles and sees the growth of the people’s struggle calling for a higher level of understanding of our common struggle against imperialism – a system based on giant corporations that cross the globe in search for ever-greater profits, and these corporations’ control of our government and use of military force to achieve their goals. Fight Back! is sponsoring this conference so that activists can share their experiences and learn more about imperialism and how we can fight to end it and replace it with a system of socialism, where people’s needs, not corporate profits, are the basis of society.

Join us on Saturday, Oct. 18 in Minneapolis, Minnesota for this important conference on imperialism and how to end it. At the conference there will be workshops and discussion that brings together activists from the anti-war, immigrant rights, the labor, oppressed nationality, student and lowincome movements. There will be presentations from some of the leaders of these movements and from Freedom Road Socialist Organization. We will also be talking about how to build a revolutionary media that an serves the people, grassroots organizing, bringing together a broad united front of different forces, building a revolutionary organization and the direction for the people’s struggle in 2009. Continue reading