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FRSO Students: Study and Struggle

Students protest at UCLA in 2009 (Fight Back! News/Staff)

The following article is from Fight Back! News. See also the FRSO pamphlet On the Student Movement in the United States by Josh Sykes.

The Student Commission of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) met over the 2009 winter break to discuss education rights, building a movement against war and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, fighting racism on campus and supporting immigrant rights. FRSO students came from as far as California and Florida, with large delegations from the South and Midwest. With a burning desire for social justice, the national cold wave could not stop them.

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Militant Protests Rock the University of California: 3 Articles

The following articles are from Fight Back! News:

  • Protests Rock Meeting of University of California Regents Los Angeles, CA – As of Nov. 18, dozens of tents are cropping up on UCLA’s quad as over 100 students begin a tent city, part of an all-night protest against the budget cuts, layoffs and tuition hikes in the University… (more)
  • UC Berkeley Fights Tuition Hikes Berkeley, CA – While the University of California’s Board of Regents were at UCLA voting to increase the cost of education by a whopping 32%, students, labor and faculty from across the state were fighting… (more)
  • UCLA Students Stage Building Takeover Los Angeles, CA – Shortly after midnight on Nov. 19, dozens of students barricaded themselves inside UCLA’s Campbell Hall in protest of a planned 32% fee hike that will be enacted later today. (more)

For background, see: University of California Walkouts Show the Way and ‘Education is a Right, Not a Privilege for the Rich’

The Struggle for Education Rights: UC Walkouts Show the Way

58470679Fight Back! is circulating the following editorial written by Josh Sykes for the Student Commission of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Thousands of union workers, faculty, undergrads and graduate students across the University of California system stood up and said “no more!” to the severe budget cuts, layoffs, furloughs and tuition hikes. On Sept. 24, they stood up and walked out. The UC faculty initiated the walkout. The United Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) union called a one-day unfair labor practices strike. All ten of the UC campuses saw protests. UCLA saw 1000 students walkout and sit-in at the administration offices, demanding, and winning, a meeting with the chancellor to discuss grievances. At UC-Berkeley over 5000 took the streets, shutting down busy intersections. Students at UC-Santa Cruz occupied a campus building to protest the cuts.

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Chicago, October 3rd: “We Say Fight Back!” National Conference on Jobs, Income, Housing, and Justice

Click on the image for a PDF flyer for the conference

Click on the image for a PDF flyer for the conference

The following is the call to the “We Say Fight Back” conference, a very important national working class conference that will take place October 3rd in Chicago:

We are now in the midst of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Millions of homes are in foreclosure. Unemployment is growing. Massive cuts are taking place to the programs that benefit poor and working people, while the government tries to balance budgets on our backs. Inequality is growing, oppressed people–African-Americans, Chicanos, and Latinos are the last hired and the first to lose their jobs.

The rich and powerful are waging a war on working people and many of us have decided to respond by fighting back. In cities around the country there are sharp struggles to stop evictions and to demand a moratorium on home foreclosures. At places like Chicago’s Republic Windows and Doors there have been intense battles in response to plant closures. From California to New York, people have taken to the streets to protest cuts to programs that serve our communities.

On October 3, 2009, trade unionists, immigrant rights activists and members of low-income, community, housing, student and other progressive organizations will come together in Chicago for a conference that will help build our collective movements. We will take this opportunity to learn from one another’s experience. We will lend support to key struggles. Importantly, we will make common plans. Together we can make a difference and build a more powerful fight back.

Go to the Conference website for a list of endorsers and other important info: http://wesayfightback.com/

Victory for Students Occupying Rochester University in Solidarity with Palestine

uroccupation-2009-02-063The following article is from Fight Back! News:

Victory for Students Occupying Rochester University in Solidarity with Palestine

By Kosta Harlan

Rochester, NY – Students at the University of Rochester declared victory and ended their sit-in protest after the university administration agreed to several of their key demands. On Jan. 6, over 75 students occupied an auditorium in the Goergen Biomedical and Engineering building, in a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza. Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Rochester organized the sit-in to raise pressure on the administration to meet their demands.

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Stop the War! Stop McCain!

The following is from the website of Stop the War! Stop McCain! a working group of Students for a Democratic Society.

McCain = War 

“…[The surge] has succeeded. And we are winning in Iraq. And we will come home with victory and with honor.” – John McCain, Presidential debate, September 26, 2008

You would think that only someone totally ignorant to the past five years of the Iraq war could utter these words. How else could someone use “victory”, “success”, and “honor” to describe the catastrophic ruin and destruction in Iraq? But it’s not that McCain is ignorant about the facts. It’s that he and his elite, imperial friends have a different measure for “success” than the rest of us.

McCain’s “victory” is this: occupied and subjugated Iraq; an end to Iraqi sovereignty; a Green Zone puppet government that does the bidding of its American masters; contracts for oil field development to Big Oil; death squad rule in the name of democracy. Continue reading

Summing up the 2008 SDS National Convention

Students for a Democratic Society is a radical student organization here in the U.S. Here is a very interesting summation of the 2008 SDS National Convention that took place recently in College Park, Maryland. This was SDS’s third national convention. The other two were in Chicago (2006) and Detroit (2007). Here is a very interesting summation of the 2008 SDS National Convention that took place recently in College Park, Maryland. This summation was sent to me by Doug Michel, a member of SDS at UNC-Asheville and a member of SDS’s interim National Working Committee. I attended all three conventions, and I would like to unite with what Doug is putting foward here. There are some interesting summations by Freddy and Daniel as well, which I would suggest my readers check out. See also this post highlighting some of SDS’s work between the 2007 and 2008 national conventions.

SDS Convention 2008: A Big Step Forward for the Student Movement and the U.S. Left

By Doug Michel

There is a tangible excitement in the air.  Students for a Democratic Society has pulled off a successful national convention in College Park, Maryland, and established a functioning national structure, a national campaign, and a deepened understanding of what it means to be an anti-oppression organization.  It’s been a few weeks since the 2008 SDS convention, and I have been thinking and discussing with others what this means for the U.S. Left.

Coming from the 2007 convention in Detroit, there was a noticeable difference in the amount of political maturity our movement has gained.  Learning from our experiences, reassessing how they have or have not worked, and coming up with a new ideas based on experience is paramount for building a movement that will grow and thrive.  The 2008 convention was about struggling together and connecting with folks to build a foundation for a national movement.  This has deepened our commitment to a united movement against U.S. imperialism. Continue reading

Awesome SDS Slideshow!

This video/slideshow has been created for the upcoming Third Students for a Democratic Society National Convention coming up in College Park, Maryland, July 24-27. The slideshow reviews the past year of organizing and activism from the biggest and most dynamic national student organization in the U.S. since the original SDS of the 1960s. Now SDS is a major force, a multi-issue network composed of every Left ideological shade, from communists to anarchists to social-democrats and left-liberals, united under a banner of anti-imperialist activism and participatory democracy. SDS has led local militant actions and huge nationally coordinated actions. It is hard to believe that SDS has come so far and grown so much since the first National Convention in Chicago back in 2006. I’ve been to the 2006 (Chicago) and 2007 (Detroit) national conventions and I’m looking forward to going to this one as well!