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White Phosphorus: from Fallujah to Gaza


The word is out that Israel is using white phosphorus against the population of Gaza.

White phosphorus over Gaza, Jan. 2009

White phosphorus over Gaza, Jan. 2009

Mao Zedong famously compared the relationship between guerrilla fighters and the population to that between fish and water, saying that the guerrilla must swim amongst the people as the fish does in the water. The only “counterinsurgency” strategy the imperialists and their lackeys have been able to come up with to deal with this is the strategy of “draining the sea”, in other words, killing everyone.

The following videos document the use of this terrible and illegal chemical weapon, which burns the flesh off of human beings much like napalm, in Gaza by Israel and in Fallujah by the U.S., respectively.

Gaza, 2009:

Fallujah, 2004: