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Tim Wise rips apart racist Neo-Confederate mythology

The following article is by anti-racist writer and activist Tim Wise:

Virginia is For Liars:
Neo-Confederate Mythology, Racist Realities and Genuine Southern Heroes

By Tim Wise
April 13, 2010

Am I the only one who finds it a bit too coincidental that in the midst of a political season in which conservative whites can be heard screaming that they “want their country back,” the Governor of Virginia should declare April “Confederate History Month?” Or that others would be clamoring for the inclusion of a “Confederate Southern American” identity box on the decennial census forms? I mean, damn, waxing nostalgic for the 1950s is one thing, but the 1860s? Quite telling, to say the least.

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Malcolm X on John Brown

Malcolm_X_NYWTS_4John Brown  was a guerrilla fighter, who worked together with Harriet Tubman, and who fought and died for African American National Liberation.

Today is the 150th anniversary of militant white abolotionist John Brown’s armed raid on the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, an important moment in the African American Liberation struggle. To mark the occasion, here is a quote from Malcolm X in 1965:

There are many white people in this country, especially the younger generation, who realize that the injustice that has been done and is being done to black people cannot go on without the chickens coming home to roost eventually. And those white people, even if they’re not morally motivated, their intelligence forces them to see that something must be done. And many of them would be willing to involve themselves in the type of operation that you were just talking about.

For one, when a white man comes to me and tells me how liberal he is, the first thing I want to know, is he a nonviolent liberal, or the other kind. I don’t go for any nonviolent white liberals. If you are for me and my problems – when I say me, I mean us, our people – then you have to be willing to do as old John Brown did. And if you’re not of the John Brown school of liberals, we’ll get you later – later.


McCain and Palin rely on hate and fear to build the base for their campaign

I’ve posted about this presidential election campaign before. I’ve posted my article, Revolutionary reflections on the election: we are the wind and the rain, and a significant reply, “Electing Obama is an important blow against racism and white supremacy”. See also Tim Wise’s This is Your Nation on White Privilege. I would like to encourage people who haven’t to read those articles, and also to watch this video. Unfortunately, in my own experience, the racist and ignorant views expressed in this video are not at all uncommon.

Harry Haywood on the Question of White Privilege

Harry Haywood

Harry Haywood

Harry Haywood was a major African American communist leader and theorist who wrote extensively about the national question in the United States. His writings deal primarily with African American national liberation, but also deal with the question of how poor and working class whites relate to the the national oppression of African Americans in terms of privilege and exploitation. The question of white privilege is complex and needs careful study. Harry Haywood very well understood the importance of building the strategic alliance between the multinational working class in the struggle for socialism and the movement of the oppressed nationalities, including African Americans, for full equality and national liberation. National oppression is of course harsh and violent for the oppressed nationalities and there are real privileges that exist for masses of white people. However, Harry Haywood makes the argument that poor white workers do not significantly benefit from the oppression of people of color, racism is used to divide the working class for the benefit of the ruling, monopoly capitalist class. Furthermore, Haywood explains concretely how national oppression and racism functions to the detriment of all workers. For more on this please see also Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s Statement on National Oppression, National Liberation, and Socialist Revolution and The Third International and the Struggle for a Correct Line on the African American National Question. What follows are excerpts from Harry Haywood’s “Shadow of the Plantation”, a chapter of his major work on the African American national question, Negro Liberation. These excerpts were originally posted here: Harry Haywood on the “Staggering Price of White Supremacy”. Continue reading