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Claudia Jones: Marxist Pioneer of Black and Proletarian Feminism

claudia-jonesClaudia Jones was born in Trinidad in1915 but migrated to Harlem in 1924. She became active in the Scottsboro struggle. She became a leader of the Comunist Party in the 1940’s, until she was indicted under the Smith Act (under which teaching Marxism was illegal) and imprisoned in 1955. She was then deported to London, where she lived and worked until her death 1965. She was buried beside of Karl Marx.

To get an idea of her importance, read her article, “An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Women” (PDF), which analyzed the situation of black women from a Marxist viewpoint, and which was her major contribution to feminist thought.

FRSO: Build a Fighting Workers Movement

Click the image for a PDF pamphlet version

Click the image for a PDF pamphlet version

The following is a new pamphlet on class struggle unionism from the Labor Commission of Freedom Road Socialist Organization. It helps give the lay of the land in the labor movement in the U.S. today and gives some particular guidance to communists intending to organize in the trade unions.

Build a Fighting Workers Movement

A pamphlet by the Labor Commission of Freedom Road Socialist Organization

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Maxim Gorky’s ‘Mother’

The Marxist-Leninist recieved the following review via email:

Maxim Gorky’s ‘Mother’ — a summary

By Kazim Aizaz Alam

Maxim Gorky with J.V. Stalin in 1931

Maxim Gorky with J.V. Stalin in 1931

“Mothers are hardly ever pitied,” wrote Maxim Gorky (1868-1936) in his landmark novel Mother around 100 years ago. The novel is about the pre-revolution proletariat of Russia and focuses on the role women played in the struggle of the Russian working class on the eve of the revolution of 1905. Maxim Gorky, who was persecuted by the tsarist government and forced to live abroad for his ties with the Bolshevik Party, was moved by the brutal social and economic disparity that existed in Russian society during the tsarist government.

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Sarah Palin is a Fascist

Bill Ayers and Weather Underground bombed toilets while the U.S. bombed villiagers in Vietnam.

McCain and Palin are pallin’ around with real terrorists like George W. Bush, who is responsible for the deaths of 1.2 million dead in Iraq and 4 million displaced. And now Palin “doesn’t know” if abortion clinic bombers are terrorists?? Indeed, her wording is very specific: does the categroy of “innocent americans” include abortion clinic doctors, according to Palin’s fundamentalist, right-wing world view? All of this isn’t because she’s confused. Its because she’s a fascist.

The following is an excerpt from Eric Mann’s recent article on the election, and while I don’t agree with all of Eric Mann’s ideas about revolutionaries submerging themselves into a “united front” with Obama, I do think it is important to do what it takes to prevent John McCain and his running dog, Sarah Palin, from taking office.

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This is an important documentary (and one of my favorites) about a young woman in Colombia who decides to join the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP). The FARC-EP has been fighting a people’s war for national liberation and socialism for more than 40 years. This film follows this young woman as she trains to fight with the Marxist guerrillas.

Keep up with news in Colombia here on The Marxist Leninist blog and at Fight Back! News. Below is a resolution from FRSO’s 5th congress.

Resolution in Support of the Colombian Revolution

We in Freedom Road Socialist Organization salute the Colombian people’s heroic struggle for national liberation and socialism.

We oppose the U.S. government’s continuing intervention in Colombian affairs. The U.S. government has a long history of interfering with the sovereignty of Latin American countries that seek independence from the domination of imperialism. This interference has come in the form of political, economic, and military interventions. Today, the Colombian people are utilizing all means necessary to liberate themselves from this unjust assault on their national sovereignty. Continue reading

Nepal Supreme Court Orders ‘Virgin Goddesses’ to School

In a recent post, “A Closer Look at Nepal’s New Democratic Revolution” I outlined some of what the revolution led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) means and provided a sort of annotated bibliography so that people can get a better look at where it comes from and where it is going. I’m posting this article from AFP because I think it sheds significant light on how Nepalese society is now being turned upside down. Karl Marx, in his book “Class Struggles in France“, talked about how proletarian revolution ultimately means eleminating all classes and class distinctions generally, all the relations of production on which they rest, all the social relations corresponding to them, and revolutionizing all the ideas that result from these social relations. In China this has been called the “four alls”. Here is clear example of this in practice. I would also like to refer my readers to Lenin’s “The Attitude of the Workers’ Party to Religion” which talks about how socialists should approach the question of religion in revolutionary struggle. For more on the background of the Nepalese revolution, check out the pamphlet by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, “Revolution at the Roof of the World“.

Nepal court in landmark ‘goddess’ rights ruling

KATHMANDU (AFP) — A Nepali tradition of locking a young virgin girl in a palace and worshipping her as a “living goddess” has been dealt a blow with the country’s Supreme Court ruling she has the right to go to school.

The court said there was no justification for the specially chosen pre-pubescent girl, known as the Kumari, to be subjected to a practice that dates back centuries.

The current Kumari is nine-year-old Preeti Shakya.

The ruling comes barely three months after Nepali lawmakers abolished the country’s 240-year-old Hindu monarchy, who received annual blessings from the Kumari in a ceremony designed to underpin the legitimacy of the royals.

The court’s verdict was prompted by a complaint from local lawyers that keeping a young girl cooped up in an ornate but decrepit palace in Kathmandu’s medieval quarter was a violation of her rights.

“The Supreme Court came up with a verdict… asking the government to take action to protect the rights of the Kumari,” Supreme Court spokesman Hemanta Rawal told AFP.

“The court ruled there were no historic or religious documents that state the child should be denied the rights of education, movement etc. She should not be denied these things just because she is the Kumari.”

Furthermore, the “living goddess” concept is facing redundancy given that Nepal is now officially a secular republic run by ultra-leftist ex-rebel Maoists keen to do away with the country’s “feudal” practices. Continue reading