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The Debt Scam

The following article by Zoltan Zigedy is from Marxism-Leninism Today:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 is a red letter day for the harbingers of debt disaster. That date marks the first meeting of the new National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, a commission established by President Obama to outline cuts in government spending to reduce the national debt.

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The Nation “Tackles” Socialism

The following is being reposted here from Zoltan Zigedy’s blog:

tocAnd now for the sixty-four thousand dollar question: What historical figure has been identified with socialism for the last century and a half? Yes, that’s right. Karl Marx! Bonus question: What has been the ideology of the movement for socialism in nearly the entire period? Right, again. Marxism!

You would never know this from reading the contributions in the current issue of the most popular, most influential publication on the US left, The Nation. In an issue headlined Reinventing Capitalism/Reimagining Socialism, The Nation editors call on “self-identified socialists” to discuss the prospects of socialism in the wake of a sinking world capitalist economy. To hedge their bets, the editors include an article by Joseph Stiglitz posing a strategy for saving capitalism from itself. I suppose we should applaud the magazine for raising a prospect that has long been absent from the pages of this journal that goes back almost to the founding of the First Workers’ International. Certainly, The Nation devoted much more attention to socialism in its first hundred years than they have in the last fifteen years – the era of capitalist triumphalism.

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