RATM and Shining Path

What follows was a originally a comment by LS on my post, Documentary: The People of the Shining Path:

On the topic of Sendero, folks may be interested in a video that Rage Against the Machine made for their song Bombtrack in 1993. The video is openly pro-Sendero. It has visual commentary about Sendero throughout the video. It features the band playing inside a cage – a direct reference to Gonzalo’s ’speech from the cage’ after his capture (there are brief clips of Gonzalo speaking from the cage in the video too). It also features footage of street battles with the police in Raucana shantytown, one neighborhood where Sendero had a strong base, as well as footage from Sendero-controlled prisons and Sendero combatants training, which may be taken from this video. The prison footage may be taken from this video, I’m not sure.

4 responses to “RATM and Shining Path

  1. When SL was borne, it was not out of a desire to bloodthirst, and decimation of the poor, but the destruction of the exploitation of these poor perople. The majority of the SL is Andean, Indian, Quechuan peoples who were tired of this treatment by their oppressors. Latin America has always been an exploitative region…even dating back to the Spanish Invadors. There is no true middle-class, only ultra rich-ultra poor. What would you do? Take up armas, bomb towers and stop prodution of the profits of the rich until fair treatment and wages are set. That was the goal back then…now the spin is to say drugs have taken over the idealistic rebels…but that too is propaganda.

  2. ^It’s propaganda to a certain sense. There are “Sendero’s” embracing drug development & sale, but the only problem is that, when one only puts it under the context that they’re “Sendero’s”, then obviously one’s going to think that the Sendero Luminoso disbanded into a drug pin gang, when in fact it was quite the opposite.

    Those who embraced drug development & sale are of course a faction that disconnected themselves away from the original Sendero’s. Today, even the real members of the Sendero Luminoso implore many others that those still in the forests, producing cocaine & whatever other type of drug, are not those of the real Sendero Luminoso.

    I explain a lot more on the past of the Sendero Luminoso, the events that took place during its split, & where they stand today, through my article, “The Shining Path Revealed: Behind the Lies & Propaganda

  3. Trying to listen and watch this video, only this message was seen:”This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”…..

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