New People’s Army wipes out a platoon of the 23rd Division Reconnaissance Company in Mindoro

From the Communist Party of the Philippines:

AFP to suffer more losses after big defeat in Mindoro–CPP

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today lauded the New People’s Army in Mindoro for its successful tactical offensive Saturday morning that practically wiped out a platoon of fascist troops in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro. The NPA ambushed a platoon of the 23rd Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC) resulting in the death of 11 soldiers and the wounding of eight troopers.

The number of soldiers wiped out in the Oriental Mindoro ambush was the biggest loss suffered so far by government forces this year. Since the start of this year, at least 40 AFP officers and soldiers have been killed and 43 wounded in action as the NPA stepped up its tactical offensives nationwide. The CPP has directed the NPA to launch more tactical offensives in an effort to implement its objective of reaching the strategic stalemate stage of its people’s war by mid-decade.

“The AFP is bound to suffer bigger losses this year. The Mindoro tactical offensive will be surpassed several times over by more NPA tactical offensives in various provinces. NPA Red fighters are keen on seizing the biggest ever number of weapons from the AFP in the coming months as growing numbers of NPA recruits need to be armed.”

“The Filipino people are elated with the NPA’s tactical military victory in Mindoro. The tactical offensive is just punishment for the hideous crimes and human rights abuses perpetrated by the fascist troops of the AFP,” said the CPP.

The CPP noted that the 23rd DRC belongs to the Philippine Army’s 2nd Infantry Division which was responsible for the illegal arrest, trumped-up charges, torture and other violations of human rights of 43 health workers in Morong, Rizal last February 6. The health workers continue to be detained and suffer various deprivations at the Philippine Army headquarters in Tanay, Rizal.

The CPP said the successful tactical offensive in Oriental Mindoro undeniably shows the continuing vitality of people’s war and the strength possessed by the NPA and its valiant Red fighters. “With the deep and broad support of the peasant masses, the iron determination Red fighters to fight, creative application of guerrilla tactics and mastery of the terrain, the people’s army continues to be an invincible force, which a rotten mercenary and fascist armed forces, such as the AFP, cannot defeat.”

“The fascist enemy forces are bound to commit more and more military fumbles and political foulups in their desperation to suppress the Filipino people’s revolutionary resistance and stop the relentless growth of people’s war nationwide,” said the CPP in reaction to a statement by the AFP’s Southern Luzon Command that the commanding officer of the ambushed platoon may only have committed a “tactical blunder.”

The AFP has launched several division-size operations in different regions since the start of the year but these have consistently been rebuffed by the deft maneuvers and counter-offensives of the NPA. “The AFP’s repeated promise to reduce the armed revolution to insignificance if not decimate it by the end of last year has blown up in its face,” added the CPP.

Marco Valbuena
Media Officer
Cellphone Numbers: 09156596802 :: 09282242061

10 responses to “New People’s Army wipes out a platoon of the 23rd Division Reconnaissance Company in Mindoro

  1. Oh my! The bourgeois-controlled media here is focusing on the death of the soldiers spreading a sympathy ploy. They interview their families, airing the funerals. Funny how the government treat people as humans now, now that they have lost some people, what a double-standard. They don’t even air the lives of the farmers they have tortured and killed.

    • yes. they don’t even respect farmers who died for the freedom of our country

      • Really? Like who? All I’ve heard who were being killed were usually victims of oppression, but I don’t know anyone who died for state freedom.

        Many of the reasons I hear why soldiers harass and kill farmers were because they were told to. They just become puppets for private interests of politicians so they are victims as well.

  2. Here is an important update from Philippine Revolution Web Central:

    Updated report concerning the March 6 ambush in Mansalay, Mindoro Oriental
    March 12, 2010

    We just received additional reports from the Southern Tagalog region providing us with additional information regarding the March 6, 2010 ambush against a platoon of the 23rd Division Reconnaisance Company (DRC) in Mansalay, Mindoro Oriental.

    According to these reports, 15 enemy soldiers (not 11 as initially reported in the media) were killed in action, while seven were wounded in the fighting.

    The enemy unit was rendered completely unable to fight. As a result, the NPA Red fighters were able to seize the following weapons:

    7 M-16 rifles
    2 M-14 rifles
    1 Cal. 60
    1 Ultimax submachinegun
    2 M-203 grenade launchers

    This is the second time in the history of the revolutionary armed movement in Mindoro where an entire platoon of elite enemy troops was wiped out. The first was in 1989 when an entire platoon of the 15th PNP Company under Capt. Salapong was wiped out by a platoon of NPA Red fighters.

    Marco Valbuena
    Media Officer
    Cellphone Numbers: 09156596802 :: 09282242061

  3. I find it interesting that the CPP is raising the question of strategic equilibrium being on the agenda in the coming years. CPP has been on the strategic defensive for more than 40 years, which is not a bad thing. But I do wonder how they believe they can achieve stalemate in the next few years. Are the changed factors related to international conditions principally? Is there a CPP document even tangentially touching on this? Not that I would think the CPP should publicize its military strategic plans…

    • David D,

      There are two documents that deal with this point in much greater detail, both of which have been posted here at The Marxist-Leninist:

      Strive to make a great advance in the People’s War for New Democracy

      Raise the Level of People’s War in the New Decade

      The first document is the most thorough and is probably more what you are looking for. There they say,

      Our revolutionary optimism is based on three factors. First is the ever worsening crisis of the world capitalist system, which is now in the throes of its worst crisis since the Great Depression. Second is the accelerated worsening crisis and rotting of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system. Third is the revolutionary forces of the people led by the Party that have far more strength now than at the start of our people’s war in 1969 and have the sufficient strength and critical mass to carry out the tasks and plans for advancing from the strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate of the people’s war within the next five years.

  4. Ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa darating na ilang taon ang siyang papalit sa luma at bulok ng reaksiyonaryo, puppet at kontra mamamayang hukbo ng Pilipinas [AFP] . Nakikita na ang magaganap na ito sa rebolusyonaryong pagsulong ng kasaysayan ng digmang bayan …umaayon ang kasaysasyan sa rebolusyon habang patuloy na dumadausdos at pabulusok ang pandaigdigang katayuan ng imperyalismong amerikano at mga kaalyado nito , patuloy na lamalawak ang lupain at tanghalan ng rebolusyon.. habang pakitid naman ng pakitid ang tinutungtungan ng imperyalismo at mga puppet darating na ilang taon ang pagbagsak ng kaaway ay tiyak ng magaganap. Mabuhay ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan!! Mabuhay ang Partido Kumunista ng Pilipinas Marxista-Leninista -Maoista!!! Mabuhay ang rebolusyonaryong pakikibaka ng sambayanang Pilipino!!!!

  5. Manggulo.mabigo.muling manggulo at muling mabigo hanggang sa malipol .. ito ang loheka ng imperyalismo . Ang pagbagsak ng sosyalismo at mga partido sa Unyong Sobyet at sa iba pang bansa sa Europa ay bunga ng pandaigdigang kontra rebolusyonaryong plano at gawain ng CIA at ng imperyalismong amerikano upang mapanatili ang kapitalismo at ang sistema nito …nasa kanyang lahat ang mga galamay at aparatong pampropaganda kung kayat halos nagagawa nitong pakialaman at pabagsakin ang isang soberanong bansa tulad ng Iraq,Pakistan,Afghanistan at iba pa .Nakakaladkad nito ang direksyong kanyang gusto bunga narin ng kapitalismong katangian nito.Ang imperyalistang hukbo ng Estados Unidos ay nagkalat sa buong daigdig upang magpulis-pulisan at maisakatuparan nito ang pangungurakot sa likas na yaman ng mga bansa tulad ng langis na magsisilbi sa kanyang monopolyong kapitalismong industriya at magpapalawak at magpapanatili sa sistemang pagsasamantala . Nasa huling pagpupumiglas na ang imperyalismong amerikano ,nasa huling yugto na ang panggugulo nito pagkat lalong lumawak at kumapal ang pakikibaka ng rebolusyonaryong mamamayan ng buong daigdig na walang humpay na nakikitunggali tungo sa nalalapit na tagumpay . MAKITUNGGALI.MABIGO,MULING MAKITUNGGALI.MULING MABIGO AT MULING MAKITUNGGALI HANGGANG SA MAGTAGUMPAY!!!!

  6. Napakalakas at nagtataglay ng pambihirang katangian ang rebolusyonaryong hukbong ito, pagkat sa gitna ng malaking kalamangan ng kaaway sa bilang ng tauhan at kagamitang tekniko ay lalo lamang itong lumakas mula sa pagiging mahina, lumaki mula sa pagiging maliit at lumawak mula sa maliit na kinikilusan. Ang hukbong ito ay may pinakamatibay na moog at itoy ang angaw angaw na rebolusyonaryong mamamayan na nakapaligid sa hukbong ito at magkaagapay na walang humpay na isinusulong ang pambansang demokratikong rebolusyon sa ganap na pagbabago . Ang malawak na masa ng rebolusyonaryong mamamayan ang siyang pinakamatibay na moog ng hukbong ito at siyang maaasahang dahilan ng pananatili at ibayo pang paglakas nito. Isang hukbo na may rebolusyonaryong kamulatan at disiplina na mahigpit na nakaugnay sa malawak na masa ng mamamayan at taus-pusong naglilingkod sa sambayanan ;at nasa ilalim at pamamatnubay ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas na tumatahak sa wastong landas Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo ….Ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan!! Ipagbunyi ang patuloy na paglakas at paglawak ng rebolusyonaryong pwersa at larangan ng digmang bayan!!! Ipagbunyi ang nalalapit na stratihikong patas na labanan !!! Ipagbunyi ang kapuri-puri at rebolusyonaryong pulang hukbo ng sambayanang Pilipino !!! Mabuhay ang ika-43 anibersaryo ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan !!! Mabuhay ang pambansang hukbong bayan- ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan !!!

  7. Ang pinakahuling katugunan at solusyong panlipunan ng isang katauhan laban sa kahirapan at sistemang pagsasamantala..ibalik natin ang lipunan ng daigdig sa natural na kalagayan nito: Walang maka-sarili,ang lahat ng bagay na lilikha at pagmumulan ng produksyon ay pamamahalaan at pag-aariin ng lahat;paunlarin at padamihin ng labis sa pangangailangan ng tao ang produksyon, ang labis-labis na produksyon ay magbubura sa sistemang pagsasamantala at magpapa-walang saysay sa batayang pera. Kikilos at gagawa ang tao ng labis-labis na produksyon para sa pangangailangan nito at sa higit pang pangangailangan ng mga kapatid natin sa buong daigdig;lumikha tayo ng damdamin ng tao na walang sawang gumagawa para sa kapakinabangan ng lahat, lagumin at pairalin natin sa ating isip at sarili ang pamumuna at pagpuna sa sarili, pagtatakwil ng ganap sa sistemang pagsasamantala. Labis-labis na produksyon, paggawa alang-alang sa kapwa at pangkalahatan, pamumuna at pagpuna sa sarili- sa ganitong pangyayari at kalagayan bago tayo maka-lilikha ng masagana, pantay-pantay at napaka-ligayang komunistang daigdig.

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