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Here are some general guidelines that people who want to comment and engage in fruitful discussion on The Marxist-Leninist should consider following:

  1. All comments that are not in violation of these guidelines are welcomed and will be gladly posted for discussion and debate.
  2. The purpose of The Marxist-Leninist is to aid in the study of Marxism through the concrete analysis of past and contemporary national liberation struggles and class struggles. Your comments should be geared towards that goal. In other words, keep the discussion political.
  3. Please follow the principle of unity – criticism – unity: “To elaborate, that means starting from the desire for unity, resolving contradictions through criticism or struggle, and arriving at a new unity on a new basis” (Mao Zedong).
  4. Practice non-sectarianism. It is the firm belief of The Marxist-Leninist that communists can overcome past differences and build unity on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, in the spirit of the Proposals for the Unification of the International Communist Movement and the 1999 Declaration of the International Communist Seminar.
  5. This is a website for revolutionaries. This is not a site for right-wing keyboard commandos, and their comments are not welcome. No flaming, no trolling and no red-baiting. Personal attacks and abuse will not be tolerated. Obviously I am going to try to keep spam away. Do not engage in slander and distortion. Also, please try not to take the discussion too far off topic.
  6. Openly oppressive statements will not be tolerated in comments. This goes for oppression based on race/nationality, gender, and sexual orientation. This sort of thing comes on a spectrum, from very overt to more subtle forms. Overt oppressive comments will be removed. More subtle forms of oppression in comments will not be removed but will at first be struggled with as an opportunity for learning. Obstinance and failure to accept criticism for more subtle racism/chauvinism/heteronormativity and so on, and learn from being corrected and challenged, will result in your comments being removed.
  7. This website will not be a forum for factionalism or sectarianism. Only public information about radical and revolutionary groups will be posted here. No internal business, and no gossip or rumor-mongering.
  8. Of course the views and opinions expressed are those of the authors of the comments. I do not take responsibility for what other people say, and neither does anybody else. Everyone who posts or comments here should be considered as speaking only for themselves.
  9. This website is not secure. Do not say anything here that you do not feel comfortable telling the government about yourself. If you comment your I.P. address is recorded by wordpress. It is entirely up to you to decide how personally comfortable you are with that.

Enforcing these guidlines will be done at the discretion of the editor. Under certain circumstances and in certain discussions I may apply these guidelines in either a tighter or looser way, as needed by the discussion at hand. If you don’t agree with the way things are handled then please feel free to write to me privately (marxist <dot> leninist <dot> blog <at> gmail <dot> com).