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Free the Hawai’ian Nation!

The following commentary by Naomi Nakamura is from Fight Back! News:

47119379_wallmuralinhawaiiseethestairwayandhandrailOne hundred ten years ago, on July 7, 1898, the United States annexed Hawai’i as part of its push towards empire. The same year the United States fought a war with Spain to seize the Spanish colonies of Cuba, Guam, the Philippines and Puerto Rico.

Until 1893, Hawai’i was an independent nation, whose government was recognized around the world, including by the United States. But in 1893, the U.S.-backed American plantation owners and missionaries overthrew the Hawai’ian government. In 1897, the vast majority of the Hawai’ian people signed a mass petition against being annexed by the United States. The next year, in 1898, the United States annexed Hawai’i anyway, taking control against the wishes of the Hawai’ian people.

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