A. Leontiev on the Leninist theory of Imperialism

“Imperialism, the Eve of the Socialist Revolution of the Proletariat” is Chapter 9 of Political Economy: A Beginner’s Course, a classic Marxist-Leninist textbook by Soviet economist A. Leontiev from the late 1930s. This textbook provides one of the best introductions to Marxist political economy, and this chapter in particular provides an outstanding introduction to the Leninist theory of imperialism. (click here for a PDF of the entire textbook or buy a copy!)


4 responses to “A. Leontiev on the Leninist theory of Imperialism

  1. will you share this file using bit torrent? thanks!

  2. a few uncrowned kings having ‘FULL POWER”-
    and yet the most terrifying of statements being that the “state EXISTS merely to SERVE these few”wealthy owners of most of the CAPITAL-
    essential reading for all-well done !

  3. I keep getting the error “The file is damaged and could not be repaired” whenever I try to open up the PDF file that you have a link to on the top of the page. Is there anywhere else where I could get a pdf copy (or other file form) of the whole book off of the internet?

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